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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Do You Do When The Phone Rings At Dinner Time?

I thought this was a gimme type of practice but after talking with a friend, I guess not. At my house when we sit for dinner and the phone rings we don't answer it. My thought is, What good is the answering machine if you never allow it to answer? One of my husbands pet peeves is someone talking on the phone when he is trying to eat. There are alot of times that people call and we dont answer. My mom will hang up, she figures we are eating dinner, and others will leave a message.

I wonder how many people answer and how many let it ring, hmmm? I am sure there is some statistic on this and it probably has some kind of money saving value.

Leave a comment and take the survey on the right. This survey will be up until April 23rd and then we will see where the majority of people fall.

Maybe my family are freaks.


Lori said...

It depends on how stressful dinner is at the moment :) and at what stage of dinner ;)

Mrs. P said...

I ignore it and Justin runs to see who it is. If he really needs to talk to them, he will.

I prefer to keep chewing the cud and pretend it's not happening.

julia said...

Hmmm.....at my house, we just ignore the phone period! dinner time, lunch, just really....ALL the time!

Erin Edwards said...

We let it go too. Unless it is one of our parents, then we tell them we are eating dinner. We do have caller ID, but even so I let it go to the answering machine all the time as well. Maybe I am screening my calls or maybe I just couldnt get to it in time? We do have a baby after all!