I am a stay at home mom who is fed up with spending a large portion of income on grocery bills. It is my job, according to God, to be a good help mate for my husband. I am trying to live up to my job description. I am starting a journey into the grocery coupon world and invite you to come with me. I have never used coupons for grocery shopping and as of January 1st 2008 I am diving in. I will be using http://www.thegrocerygame/ , http://www.moneysavingmom.com and the http://www.couponmom.com/ website to guide me on how to save money. I am going to treat this adventure as a part time job and put in the hours necessary to make it work. I am excited and nervous to get started.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My second Trip to Kroger this Week

I was not going to go but I am gearing up for summer. We have joined a pool this summer and I plan to spend alot of time there. I am stocking up on the individual serving stuff like puddings, fruit snacks and goldfish. We need razors so for the last two weeks I have been trying to stock those. I will hit it when it comes around at CVS again, trust me.

Here was my deal today:
4 Gushers fruit snacks on sale 4/$10 I had .50 coupons for each one. Then at the cash register another $4 was taken off. They were .50 a box
2 Nature Valley nut crunch granola .50 a box
2 Curves granola .50 a box
2 Quattro disposable razors on sale for $5 I had B1G1 free coupon $2.50 each
2 Extreme 3 disposable razors on sale $ I had B1G1 $2.50 each
1 Zantac $4.99 I had a $5 coupon (1 more for you Emily)

1 Brita pitcher My dear sweet friend Lori knew I was having trouble printing my $5 off coupon for this so she printed a coupon for me and got it. These were on sale for $4.99 which with the coupon made it free.
---total before coupons $54.78 not including the Brita pitcher
---Total OOP $10.26

My Shortcuts that I posted about here were not working properly so I contacted the website and they added $2.60 to my account to use on anything and last night while I was on the shortcuts site I added Gushers to my card and got an additional .60 off on them. Shortcuts is literally putting money in my pocket, you have got to love that!

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