I am a stay at home mom who is fed up with spending a large portion of income on grocery bills. It is my job, according to God, to be a good help mate for my husband. I am trying to live up to my job description. I am starting a journey into the grocery coupon world and invite you to come with me. I have never used coupons for grocery shopping and as of January 1st 2008 I am diving in. I will be using http://www.thegrocerygame/ , http://www.moneysavingmom.com and the http://www.couponmom.com/ website to guide me on how to save money. I am going to treat this adventure as a part time job and put in the hours necessary to make it work. I am excited and nervous to get started.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mower Update

Last week after I did an oil change and a air filter replacement on my mower, I cranked it up and nothin. I looked in my trusty book to see what to tackle next and it said the gas filter and the carberator. Both of these seemed a little overwhelming to tackle since our grass was starting to look like the African savannah. Off to the mower shop I went with mower in tow. The man who took it said that I had probably broken a safety part since I was trying to start it without the blades, who knew there was a safety feature for that. He also said that they were 3 to 4 weeks behind. I had to pick my chin up off the pavement when he said that, maybe thats why he said he would try and work it in for me. I said my farwells on Friday hoping that I wouldnt get a your house looks abandoned ticket from the city while I waited for my mower to be fixed. Monday afternoon the mower place called and said I could pick it up that it was repaired. I was shocked! Had I fallen into a deep sleep and woke up three weeks later? No, the man must have took pity on the "little woman." Thank you thank you greasy repairman. The best part is we only paid $18 to have it fixed. If they would have done all the maintenance it would have cost $50.

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Mrs. P said...

Ah, Mister Greasy Repairman... right up there with Mister Too Much Cologne Man