I am a stay at home mom who is fed up with spending a large portion of income on grocery bills. It is my job, according to God, to be a good help mate for my husband. I am trying to live up to my job description. I am starting a journey into the grocery coupon world and invite you to come with me. I have never used coupons for grocery shopping and as of January 1st 2008 I am diving in. I will be using http://www.thegrocerygame/ , http://www.moneysavingmom.com and the http://www.couponmom.com/ website to guide me on how to save money. I am going to treat this adventure as a part time job and put in the hours necessary to make it work. I am excited and nervous to get started.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Counter on the bottom of page

In case you havent noticed I added a counter to my web page. I am so excited to see people have come to see. I was on here yesterday and it said 14 and now today it is up to 38. HOW EXCITING! I LOVE GETTING GOOD DEALS!

Wal-Greens shopping

I went to Wal Greens today as well.
I got
2- 80ct envelopes that were on sale for $1/2.
11oz Dawn dishsoap it was on sale for .99 had a .50 coupon final .49ea

Again I paid Cash. LOVE IT!!

Grocery Trip 1-31-08

o.k. here go's. I think I did pretty well, what do you think?

The List of Sale items with coupons

6 Pillsbury Pie crust on sale for .99 I had $1.00/2 coupon (coupon on the box). final price .49 a box.
4 box Post Cereal Honeycomb, Honey smacks & fruity pebbles, sale 1.99, coupon $1.00/2, final = 1.49 ea
1 Quaker oatmeal cereal- sale 1.99, coupon .50 off, final = .99ea
6 Del Monte Diced canned tomatoes, sale 10/$5, coupon .40/2 ,final=.10ea
3boxes NY Texas Toast sale $4/2, coupon .40, final= $1.20ea
4 Orville Redenbacker popcorn, sale $5/4 ,coupon $1.00/2 ,final= .75ea
2 Kraft cheese, sale $4/2, coupon $1.00/2, final=$1.50ea
8-6oz Yoplait Yogurt, coupon $1/8, final .38 each ( I beat Sam's price by .07ea)
1pack of 4-4oz Yoplait Yo-Plus yogurt, sale $2.37, coupon$1, final=$1.37
4 Pace Salsa bottles, sale $3/2, coupon .40, final $1.10ea
Green grapes on sale $1 per lb.
2 French Mustard sale $1.25 I cant remember my coupon if it was .30 I got it for .65ea. All of my other coupons were .40 or $1 so I think I got a good deal.
My total for todays grocery shopping was $63.81 including tax. I had $18 in coupons.
The cashier even said that I had gotten a good deal.
I bought all of the above list plus ice cream, hot dog and hamburger buns, bag of spinach, pop tarts, a box of stove top stuffing, 2 Kroger syrup, 5lb flour, 1 box Wheat Thins, Kroger Oreo cookies, 4lbs of grapes, 1-I cant believe its not butter.
I wish I would have taken a picture of my grocery cart it was loaded to the top.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I find myself loving to clip my coupons. I have started looking for coupons everywhere. I stick to the list so that I get the best deals. I feel great satisfaction paying bargain prices. I feel like I am beating the stores at their own game. I have made it a point to not buy things that are not on the list unless I have too. I think, "they want me to buy this at full price but they can't get me." I know this is silly but it is so much fun.

This weeks loot

I have done a bad job of posting with pics this week. I had a wishy washy week because I am used to shopping every two weeks so this week threw me off.

I did get some great deals but they came spuratically. First of all what sticks out is my Sunsilk shampoo. It was on close out for $1.80 I had a $1.50 coupon. Of course I had 5 coupons so I got 5 shampoos for .30 each.

Another great find was the Degree deoderant. It was on sale at Kroger for 2/$4 I had a $1 coupon so I was able to get it for $1 a stick. When I got to Kroger to buy the deoderant I noticed that they had some that had the one big stick and a sample stick (1/2 stick) together in one package on sale for the same price. I was able to 1 1/2 sticks for $1 instead. I even beat the Grocery Game deal (I am so proud).

Lysol was on sale this week to so I was able to get the toilet cleaner for $1.24 a bottle and the all purpose cleaner for $1.34 each. Both of these products run somewhere around $3 each.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Working the coupons

After my great deal at Wal-Greens (see post below) I needed to go to Lowes. I bought a vinyl blind and 2 packages of a ceramic fix it kit for our tub and sink.

My blind cost $3.54
fix it kits $4.67 each
I had a coupon for $10 off my purchase so I paid a total of $3.02. I had a gift card with $10.94 and it has $7.92 left on it.


Jane Cosmetics at Wal-Greens

Wal-Greens has a great deal on Jane make-up. Its B1G1(buy one get one free). Online I found a coupon for $2 off per item. This morning I printed 6 coupons and got
1 color eyeliner
1 black eyeliner
1 foundation
1 loose powder coverup
1 blush
1 lip color
I was able to use all 6 of my coupons. I paid a grand total of .15 for everything.
I got a great deal! The cashier even looked at my receipt and remarked on my great deal.
I paid in cash.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chex Mix

I got 5 free bags of Chex Mix last week at Kroger. I have not eaten this before so today I cracked one open and it tasted sooo goood. I loved the taste and knowing that I got it for free was AWESOME!!!! I think it made it taste better.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wal-greens and CVS trip

I was not going to use the Wal-Greens or CVS list this week but I went back on and printed some stuff from Wal-Greens to get. I was really looking for the Pull-Ups that I thought I could get at Kroger on sale yesterday. Well I found them at Wal-Greens.

Pull-Ups size 4t-5t Jumbo on sale 2/$16 bought 5 packs had 5- $2.00 coupons getting them for $6 a pack. This comes out to .28 per pull up and Sams price is .37 per pull up. Plus every 2 packs of Pull-Ups I got an 80ct Huggies wipes for free.

Windex anti-bacterial spray was on sale buy 1 get 1 free for $2.59. I used 2 coupons and got 2 bottles for $1.10 each. They are something like $3.59 each.

I went to CVS to put in a prescription and decided to look around since I had $3 of ECB to use and I needed a Diet Coke. Here is what I got:
2 liter of Diet Coke 1.79 (expensive but needed)
2 Glade sprays on sale .99 each I had a coupon for B1G1 free so they were .50 each
The cashier said I could'nt get $3 off because I had only spent $2.29 so I picked up a candy bar. When I checked out the cash register printed out 3 more coupons.
I walked out without paying anything!! LOVE IT!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My first big grocery shopping

First of all I have to say that my grocery receipt is the longest that I have ever had. I held it under my chin and it comes down to my fingertips.

My total bill was $120.24 and after coupons it was $89.49. My receipt says that I bought 59 items.

I took a couple of pictures to show what I got. Now not everything was on sale I will give you the coupon deals and sales deals list.
Jergens Lotion 2/$5 with coupon 1.75 bought 5
Ge Reveal light bulbs 4/$10 with coupon $1.50 a 4 pack bought 6 packs
Soft Soap 10/$10 with coupon .30 each bought 5
Kroger plastic wrap 10/$10 bought 3
Dove deoderant 2/$4 with coupon $1.00 each bought 6
Kroger can mushrooms 4/$5 bought 5
Ragu Spaghetti sauce 10/$10 with coupon .50 each bought 4
Shaddy brook ground turkey $1.99 lb bought 3 lbs
Chex Mix FREE got 5 bags
Organic potatoes $1.50 for 3lbs
Then I also bought some things that were not on the list but needed and they made up the rest of the bill.
I am a little bumped because I bought some Ritz crackers but couldnt find my coupon for them so I had to pay the sale price without a coupon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gearing up for the first big grocery shopping

I have been planning and gearing up to use my coupons this week for Kroger. I made a grocery list it was a thin, long note pad that hangs on the refrigerator. I had to up grade to a legal size not pad because I found myself writing sideways and any which way all over my list. Well of course by doing this I confused myself and had to start over. My legal pad list is now broken up into categories. I made long columns going down the page which I labeled- items, original price, sale price, coupon price, how many coupons, final price. I have now filled one side of a legal pad with grocery items. I am going to Sam's Club tomorrow (weather permitting) for staples, milk, bread, eggs, fruit and gas. I will be going to Kroger on Friday. I am having a little trouble with keeping my coupon file open, coupons orderly, not forgetting anything, taking care of baby and making sure baby doesn't rip up or throw coupons.

I will admit I am feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions and coupon hunting. I know once I get the hang of everything it will be much smoother.

***Savings of the day***I went to Ukrops and they had the Knorr Lipton noodle sides on sale for the same price as Krogers so I used my 6 coupons. The coupons were $.75 off of 2. The Lipton sides are on sale for $1.00 so with coupons they cost $.63 each.

You know where I'm going on Sunday evening

I went down to the local convenient store and scored with the papers. The very nice man gave me 8 papers and asked if I wanted more. He said I could have as many as I wanted and that I could come and get them every Sunday night. You know where you can find me on Sunday evenings.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

How to get more coupons

I was trying to think of how to get more coupons and then it occured to me to ask the convenient store close to my house for their extra Sunday papers. I went in and the lady working said all they do is throw them away on Sunday night and she didnt see any reason why I couldnt talk to the night time people and get the papers. I will be going tomorrow for the first time to see about getting the papers.

Peanut butter deal

I got some $1 coupons for Peter Pan Peanut butter and Wal-Mart has the small jars of peanut butter on sale for a dollar. With getting coupons from my paper and everyone I know I got 4 jars of free peanut butter. This is a good deal!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shelving in my Basement

These are the shelves I keep all of my food storage and cleaners etc.. on. I thought I would post a couple of pics to show what I am starting out with.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Insert Mother load

The Sunday paper has the mother load of coupons this week. I could'nt believe all the inserts. As I went through the ads I kept coming to more inserts. YEAH YEAH!!!

One of the deals of the week is %50 of Eletrosol dishwashing tabs with the $2.25 coupon. I need to figure out how to get more of these this week. Right now I only have one so I am going to tap some resources. Thanks for giving me the heads up on this deal Sherri.

Good Deal found by Lori

I went to kroger today to buy several things and on the way out, next to the self checkout, was a bunch of Disney multivitamins on sale for $3.84. They had Cars, princess, winnie the pooh, in both gummy and regular. So, these vitamins are over $5 at Walmart and regularly $7.49 at Kroger. I picked up a box. When I went to check-out, the coupon machine spit out a coupon for $3 off any 2 Disney Vitamins. Well, now, that's a great deal!I bought 6 more boxes (2 boxes for $4.85 at a time) saving $7.50 per two boxes.Total spending $14.85 for six boxes (at sale price plus coupons)Saving: $22.50 for six boxes. (at the sale price plus coupons)If there had not been any sale, I would have spent at least $30.00 for them all at Walmartand $45.00 at Kroger.If you try to get this deal, you only need to buy one box to get the coupon to spit out. Then, just keep going back until your hearts content!

Thanks for sharing Lori

Thursday, January 3, 2008

CVS shoppping trip

I went to CVS today to try my hand at some coupon savings. I would also like to note that the grocery game has taken this week off due to holiday so I am winging it. Next week will be better, I think. Anyway I went to CVS and here is what I got:

2 packs of the Swiffer dry - 2 packs for $7
1 Colgate Total White toothpaste 6 oz - 2 for $5
4 Dawn Ultra dish soap 11oz each $.99 ea
1 Bounce lint brush $3.99

here is my coupons I had

$3 off of a $15 purchase
$1.50 off Colgate total white toothpast
2- $1 off 2 Dawn soaps any size
$1 off 2 Swiffer dry products

My bill before coupons was $17.45 without tax

My bill after coupons was $9.95 without tax


I also got $3 Extra Bucks (which is just like money) for my next purchase and a coupon for $2.50 off CVS brand purchase of $10 or more.

This week CVS has their brands buy one get one free so I could use that coupon this week while their brands are on sale.