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Friday, May 23, 2008

My Heart is Aching for This

The first picture is my Nikon N50 the other pictures are the D60.
O.k. here I go again. I have been watching
The Pioneer Woman blog and her pictures are awesome. Did I say awesome? I meant AWESOME!! Anyway it has made me long for a Nikon D60 digital camera. I have a Nikon N50 which was great back in the day of film but now everything is digital and I am dying for this digital camera. Why am I longing for this camera you ask? Isn't my digital camera I got for Christmas good enough? The camera I got for Christmas is very small and very point and shoot. I can't mess with the aperture, ISO, shutter speeds, you know all that good stuff like I can on my old N50. My N50 is a nice camera but to play around and use all my setting will be pricey because I need to buy film and then developing. I also have the lenses that will fit the D60 and D80 so this is an added bonus. These cameras look so similar do you think anyone would notice if I went to the store and just swapped them out? Just kidding.

Did I mention that the D60 is $699.00 at Sams Club and when you buy it they give you a $40.00 gift card? This is a good deal. Online and in different stores they run about $750.00

I have decided I will NOT buy this camera unless I have a way to afford it. I will NOT mortgage the house for it.

Today I thought,
"Hey maybe I can sell the N50 and get $100 to $150 for it, I will be on my way of saving for the new toy." I went on Ebay to see what my N50 is going for. Hold on to your seat, when I bought this camera with the two lenses in the 90's it cost about $800. Now on Ebay, mint condition ones (which mine is not) are going for $20.00. Yes, $20.00 not $200 or $2000. My hubby told me to hang on to it and we can get more money when it becomes an antique.

I am soliciting advice from all you online readers. How can I get a good discount and/or afford this camera? If anyone has any ideas please, please leave me a comment.

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