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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I first want to apologize, Sorry. The other night I posted a Van Gogh picture and then realized I did not give you any kind of background for him.

Vincent Van Gogh is a very interesting character, oh excuse me, artist. He became an artist basically after everything else he tried in life failed. He worked in an art gallery selling art, he was a teacher, a bookstore worker and a preacher. Van Gogh is known as an impressionist. I really like his work. I love the bright colors and I really just want to touch his works of art. Don't they look chunky and rough and great? Art has the ability to arouse all your senses. It is to be taken in by sight, smell, taste and touch.

Van Gogh was mentally ill. He also had other infirmaries like epilepsy, psychotic attacks and delusions. Another little interesting yet desturbing fact is that the Van Gogh family had an elder son named Vincent who died at a young age. After this Vincent Van Gogh was born and was named after his dead older brother. I think this may cause me some mental illness. Notice his self-portraits he is never smiling.

Vincent moved to Paris, closer to his brother Theo and met many impressionists there. He would paint pictures everyday sometimes. Van Gogh painted so much that he would run out of money. His brother would send extra money when he had it, but Van Gogh would buy paint and go without eating for days at a time.

Gauguin, another artist, became one of Van Goghs friends and they lived together in the country for awhile until Gauguin came back to Paris to do art. Vincent went into a rage and that is where he cut off part of his ear. He later checked himself into an insane asylum and that is where he painted Starry Night. Why do I say to forget the umbrella and grab the crash helmet? If I ever see things flying around and swirling like The Starry Night painting I will be taking cover in a basement not under an umbrella. I have read that it is believed that Van Gogh was watching a meteor shower when he painted this.

Later Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in the chest and died two days later from the wounds.
This painting is called Wheatfield with Crows. See how dark this one is? See the path going into the dark? This was Vincent's last painting.
I think Van Gogh's story is sad. I can imagine him being tormented by his illnesses and not having God. He was only 36 years old.

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