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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Walgreens is starting to upset me

Tonight after my bible study I headed to Walgreens. I was going to get Skippy peanut butter, Pert shampoo and Cheerios. The peanut butter would have came to .40 per jar, the Pert is a monthly deal that would give me $2 in overage and the Cheerios are .99 a box. All of this are prices with coupons of course. Instead of finding great deals at Walgreens all I found were empty shelves. This Walgreens always has empty shelves. The only time I can find the sale items is if I go into the store on Sunday when the deal starts. The following is a copy of what I sent to the corporate customer service complaint line. I will keep you informed if I receive a response.

My comments to Walgreens:

I went to this store tonight to buy the advertised items. I went to get Pert shampoo, Skippy peanut butter and Cheerios. The Cheerios were out of reach so I went to the cashier to ask for assistance. She called someone on the p.a. system but no one showed up to help me. Then I went to get the Pert and the peanut butter only to find that the advertised items were gone. I have been to this store on different days through the week on many different occasions only to be disappointed with empty shelves. I have not shopped in Walgreens for at least a month due to this issue. Tonight I decided to try again and again it was a wasted trip for me.

End of Comments to Walgreens.

Can you tell I am a little mad?


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I'm done with Register Rewards. I went out of my way to stock up on Ragu spaghetti sauce to qualify for the Register Rewards AND, my coupon didn't print. Major Bummer. I have, however, done really well on school supplies there so I won't quit them for good. I'll just leave those RR's alone!

Anonymous said...

the old people really like to clean us out right on sunday. 90% of our customers are elderly on sunday, and that's all they do is buy the sales for their family. children and grandchildren.

susie, did you use a RR when you paid for ragu? they love to not give RR when you use RR. otherwise, you just get a manager and if they are any good at all at customer service they can manually print one for you.

sorry to bring back a dead entry.