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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Art Lesson Continues

I figured since I have not been shopping this week I would enlighten with a little art piece instead. Click here to see a better picture. This picture is from Peter Bruegel, the elder. This painting was done in 1566 and hangs in the Detroit Institute of Art. It is called The Wedding Dance. Bruegel was a Netherlandish (person from the Netherlands) painter. I think he like to shake things up a bit as well. Back in 1566 peasants were not allowed to have public celebrations or assemblies and this painting clearly depicts the violation of that. I also really like the fact that he would put himself into the painting as a bystander, always cloaked in black. If you look closely on the bottom right of this painting, standing behind the man in blue pants, there he is all in black. You will probably need to zoom in a couple of times to see him. This also received great scrutiny because the men are armed with knives. I would think the fact that all the men have erections would have caused more scrutiny. OOPS did I say erections? Yes ladies and gents you read it correctly, erections. Some party huh?

I just love the stories of art. A picture may seem to be one thing but as you dig deeper you find out that some artists were just freaks. I love that!

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artist jeff said...

I found your blog when trying to find correct images of this painting. You might be aware that it appears widely in a version where the men's codpieces are chopped off, edited out. The world book encyclopedia that I am using in an art piece (I do altered book collage art
www.flickr.com/photos/artistjeffstevenson) has this incorrect version. The contemporary socio-sexual implications are fascinating.