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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Furnace Issues

We were having some furnace issues yesterday. We have radiator heat heated by gas. I went to the basement yesterday and stepped in puddles of water all over our basement. We called the plumbers thinking the overflow tank need draining or that the pressure valve needed replacing. Of course, it wasn't the easy fix it ended up being the valve. Now, to replace this valve we had to have our system totally drained. All of the radiators in the house had to be drained and turned off. Yes we were without heat for about 3 hours yesterday evening. It was 14 degrees outside and we were paying our plumbers overtime rate which was $90 an hour. Great! I know.
Here is our dilemma. Our boiler is over 30 years old and is about %40 efficient. Every %100 of energy we use we are losing %60 up the chimney. The aquastat is not working properly (just about boiling our radiator water) and the heat gauge is off about 20 degrees. We are thinking of replacing the boiler, which costs about $4000.00 or $5000.00.
Here are my questions, If we replace the furnace will we see a big drop in our monthly gas bill? Will we see a drop in our electric bills?

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