I am a stay at home mom who is fed up with spending a large portion of income on grocery bills. It is my job, according to God, to be a good help mate for my husband. I am trying to live up to my job description. I am starting a journey into the grocery coupon world and invite you to come with me. I have never used coupons for grocery shopping and as of January 1st 2008 I am diving in. I will be using http://www.thegrocerygame/ , http://www.moneysavingmom.com and the http://www.couponmom.com/ website to guide me on how to save money. I am going to treat this adventure as a part time job and put in the hours necessary to make it work. I am excited and nervous to get started.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Surprise deal

I got another deal today, this one was unexpected though. It is kinda a long story but I will make it quick.

Monday my kids and I went into Applebees for lunch. We waited and waited and no one came to help us. We waited about 10 minutes and no one even came for our drinks. Ten minutes may not seem like a long time to wait, but for Applebees that was an eternity. We ended up getting up and walking out. Today we were out shopping with my mom and wanted to go to Applebees for lunch. I was a bit apprehensive since we were going to go to the same one that I had walked out on on Monday. In we went, sending all apprehension on vacation. Today we had great service, no problem. To my surprise the manager came to our table and asked how everything was. Here is where I saw my opportunity to vent. I told the manager what had happened to me on Monday. He apologized and did not say anything else. To all of your surprise, I'm sure, I did NOT ask for a discount I just let it go. We were getting ready to leave and the waitress brought out bill. The manager had given us a %50 discount. Yay!!

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