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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kroger and over charging

Kroger is infamous for over charging. It happens all the time. Most people do not take the time to look at their bill so they never know.
My hubby LOVES to catch Kroger overcharging him for items. He has made it kind of a game. He will pick things up thinking that it might be the one item. A couple of weeks ago he went and bought a bag of Kroger brand french fries for that nights dinner. Before he walked out of the store he checked his bill and sure enough he was charged the regular price instead of the sale price. He headed to the customer service. In my Kroger their policy is, actually I think its a federal customer protection law, that says if you are overcharged you get the first item free and the difference on all the other items you are over charged for.
Usually we are overcharged on a Kroger brand item that is on sale. The sale price never quite makes it into the cash register.

Today I went to the store and Kroger did not disappoint. They had the Dole brand salads in a bag on sale. You know those salads that have everything in the bag and then you just put it all together when you get home? They were on sale for 2/$5 which is a really good deal, these things usually cost about $4 each. So I picked up two bags. When I checked my receipt after checking out they had charged me 3/$9. This is actually tomorrows deal. I headed straight for customer service. They gave me $3.59 back, $3 for the price of the first salad and $.50 for the overcharge on the second salad and then tax. I came home with two bags of salad for $1.25 per bag. That is a deal!

P.S. Watch your receipt it truly pays off.


Anonymous said...

Why I still shop at Kroger I don't know. They over charge me for something almost every time! So far, when I go to customer service they've never given me anything but the difference. I'll have to require a little more of them from now on. If I make it more of a game maybe it wouldn't piss me off so much.

Kim said...

When I lived in Michigan they had a state law. If you were over charged you got the money back and a $5 penalty. Now I'm in Virginia and when Kroger over charges me. I get the difference back and the first item free. Check the store policy and your state law. They are over charging you but it should work out to your benefit anonymous. This is my blog by the way lol.